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A quick note about a name change:

The character previously known as Mariesa Fleuracy will hereafter be known as Nedalya Fleuracy, or Neda for short.

My reasons for this have to do with the changing nature of the story. When she first entered this story world, some 10 years ago, she was nothing more than remembered Object of Affection. “Mariesa” was a good enough name at the time, though I never really liked it. Now that the character has evolved into a more significant role and become a person in her own right, I felt she needed a name with more weight behind it. Ergo the change.

I’m really particular about names.

(I’ll be changing the past entries to reflect the name change in the very near future.)

And then there was art!

I coerced my teen daughter into drawing some character sketches for me and, with only a brief rundown of basic attributes, this is what she gave me:

Barris, Romeric, Neda and Tierce

Barris, Romeric, Neda and Tierce, by Lucy W.

I think she did a great job of capturing my four main characters, aside from the fact that they all look about five years too young. Romeric, especially, looks about 12 years old here. But

But it’s a start at getting some visual representation of these characters! But I think the personality conveyed in each expression is right on.

Thanks, Lucy!

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