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About the City of Bridges

Corregal is a city of bridges. One hundred and twenty-seven of them, on most days, spanning the Cille and Aris rivers for nearly three miles. The city, which climbs the sharp banks of the rivers in a series of winding stairways and terraces, has turned bridge-building into a civic preoccupation. Since before the Age of Kings, houses, guilds and government bureaucracies have competed for the talents of artisans and architects, pouring funds into efforts to outdo one another in the informal contest for status and prestige.

Funded by vast estates and trading empires, the Great Houses contend for more than just bridge-building prestige. Clashes over influence and wealth often spill into the streets of the city, and swordsmen — notorious throughout the Surviving Lands for their exceptional skills — pledge their lives to defend their patrons’ status.

But in a world shattered by the Broken God, magic can be unpredictable and dangerous. Priests keep the city safe through constant ritual, but unearthly monsters roam the wilderness and rogue mages threaten to tear reality apart once more.

Welcome to the world of City of Bridges.

cover of city of bridges - a girl with a sword stands near a bridge across a river

About this Project

City of Bridges is a sort-of serial fiction project that has roots going back nearly 20 years. Originally conceived as the backstory for characters in an unfinished fantasy novel, the story and setting have taken on a life of their own. “Sort-of serial” means that while there is an overarching plot, episodes are more like vignettes, focused on important moments in the the lives of a few young adults who just happen to live in a fantasy world. There’s no great quest to save the kingdom or the world. No teenagers managing to do what adults can’t for some reason. What you’ll find is a lot of teen angst and awkward flirting, a little mystery and intrigue, quite a few stupid mistakes and (once in a while) some life-or-death situations (due to those stupid mistakes).

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City of Bridges is also available to read for free on Wattpad.

About the Author

Stace Dumoski is a professional writer and editor, aspiring fantasy novelist, and lover of all things magical and fantastical. She has an undergraduate degree in Medieval Studies and has undertaken formal studies in Folklore and Mythology. In addition, she helmed the website “Phantastes: The Online Journal of Fantasy Criticism,” which was listed three years running in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror anthology. Follow Magic & Ink on Facebook for writing advice and magical inspiration, learn about her developmental editing service on her website or follow her cats, Bard and Mage, on Instagram.