pencil sketches of two young men

The earliest artwork that’s associated with City of Bridges, dating back to around 2008. I was really trying to learn to draw faces back then, but it’s not a hobby I’ve kept up.

Actually, this isn’t the earliest. I did some digital dolls of them at some point, but the files have been lost.

4 crocheted dolls

I got back into crochet around 2014 and these were some of the first projects I made. Tierce’s look continues to change…

line art drawing of Barris, Romeric, Neda and Tierce

My daughter was about 15 when I demanded she make some character art for this site. She wasn’t in love with the idea and this pencil sketch was all I could get out of her. She majored in art in college and has just launched a professional career. She’s probably horrified that I am sharing this.

galaxy cat

This is more artwork by my talented daughter! I told you she was good. This is the “cat” who makes an appearance in Boys’ Night.

digital portrait of 3 young men and one young woman

I treated myself to some commissioned character art a couple years ago. I love this work by Dezaray! Tierce’s skin is still a little too pale, but look at his blush! And I wish I had Romeric’s necklace…

digital portrait of one woman and two men

Consider this a bit of a sneak peak: These are Romeric and Tierce about 10 years after City of Bridges. Where are Barris and Neda? Maybe someday I will finish the novel and you will find out! Their friend is Elerrin, who is actually the main character of the book. Another commission, this time from Monolime.